Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 802 Issue Date: 15 Apr, 2018

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Kris Kringle

What a wonderful Christmas brunch we had at president elect Tony and Gabi’s house on 10 December!  Beautiful weather, beautiful venue, delicious food and what a surprise, beautiful Kris Kringle.  Jane and Judy brought along much of the food with Gabi and Tony helping out. There were flaky ham and cheese croissants, toast, fruit, yoghurt and lots of other goodies to eat, orange juice, and if you were up to it at that time of the morning, champagne followed by tea and coffee.

After brunch, we randomly selected a ticket from Tony’s “hat” possessing numbers for all 19 participants of the Secret Santa. The person with the No. 1 ticket had first choice off the pile of wrapped presents. Those lower down the order could easily lose their selection and often did. Of course, after the event there was a little bargaining and swapping. Gaby was happy with her jar opener and Peter with his picnic mat.

We all had a great time. Congratulations also to Tony and Gabi on their new beautiful home! 

Author: Harry Nesbitt

Published: 29 December, 2017


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