Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 837 Issue Date: 16 Dec, 2018

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Last of the Iron Lungs

A Cornucopia of Enlightenment

  • President Laurie reported on the Yagan Square meeting organised by the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay at which 9 of our members plus 2 partners attended. A Paul Harris Fellowship was presented to DR Richard Whalley at that meeting, the first to an indigenous person.
  • PP/ADG Jane reported on PETS
  • Bruce Dufty delivered a 3-minute bio covering his early schooling and subsequent university years: -
    • In year 1 he attended a 1 teacher school with only 2 other children in his year
    • Teachers came and went in those early years including a German who died in the classroom from a heart attack.
    • Also, in Year 1 Bruce contracted rheumatic fever and had to be nursed at home by his mother for 6 months and in year 3 contracted hepatitis during the epidemic of that time.
    • In his final year of primary school, he was made school captain.
    • High school studies required him to travel for 2 hours to the nearest high school.
    • After Matriculation Bruce returned to the farm for 3 years before returning to his studies at university in Canberra where he graduated with an honours degree that led to a teaching career in WA.
    • During his farming career he helped to set up a Junior Farmers club in his area and attended a RYLA Camp sponsored by a local Rotary Club.


President Laurie advised that the Club intended to send 4 students from Balga SHS and 2 Students from Shenton College to the RYPEN Camp.

Rotary Club of Western Endeavour Information – PP/ADG Jane

  • Advised that apologies must be notified on the web site.
  • Rostered assistance with meeting setup is now published on the web site.
  • Thermomix Raffle: -
    • 91 tickets have been sold and with only a month left for sales the 250 target is in doubt.
    • Make sure that shares are enabled each time on Facebook.
    • Further postcards are available for letter box drops.
  • A club business card has been drafted.
  • A joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Cambridge has been organised for Wednesday the 18th April at 7.00 a.m. at the Cambridge Bowling Club to see if a club merger could occur.
  • Jane showed a dramatic video featuring a Polio victim who spends most of his life in an old Iron Lung machine.
  • 7th April is the final Speedway collection for the year.
  • 10th April meeting of the Club is for Committee groups.


Michael Lee

Author: Michael Lee

Published: 4 April, 2018


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