Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 1116 Issue Date: 21 Apr, 2024

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The Friends of Lake Claremont

On Tuesday fifth February, we had a visit from Nick Cook, chairman of Friends of Lake Clarement. FOLC.

Nick is also intimately involved in protecting the tree canopy of Perth region.

FOLC has an informative website and Facebook page.

Here are the  the links.


Here are some keynotes from Nick talk.

Lake Claremont used to be a rubbish tip.

Nevertheless, there are paperback trees there dated as 200 years old.

For many years, there was a golf course surrounding the lake.

In 2009, a referendum voted to close the golf course and rehabilitate the borders of the lake. The following year FOLC was formed and a re-vegetation plan approved by the Claremont town council.

FOLC has the authority to undertake the rehabilitation with funding from the town and other sources. It’s a charitable organisation.

Vegetation planting and feral weeding is undertaken by groups of volunteers.

80,000 shrubs were planted during 2023.

FOLC successfully reintroduced Quenders to Lake Claremont.

There’s also an avian nesting program and beekeeping for children.


Volunteers include schoolchildren, -Millenial Kids, some of whom are dedicated enough to raise funds and organise meetings with their peers.


Nick noted success mentoring between  FOLC adults and participating children.



This pest is killing mature trees. There’s no known deterrent.

The borer penetrates the core of a tree in several paces and brings with it a fungus to feed its young. The fungus blocks the vascular system and the limbs die and fall.

Hundreds of trees need to be felled and stump ground to control it.

Hopefully a deterrent is found this year.

Thanks Nick for an excellent overview of the activities of FOLC





Author: Marcus Harris

Published: 7 February, 2024


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