Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 1124 Issue Date: 16 Jun, 2024

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My Home North Fremantle

My Home WA

My home WA

Is the premier philanthropic organisation dedicated to providing comfortable affordable homes to women who had been living on the streets.

On Tuesday 27 February 2024, Michele Blakely, the architect who designed the homes and who is hands-on with each project told our club about Congdon Street homes and future My Home projects. 

Following the success of Congdon Street the WA state government decided to match future construction costs 50:50, whereas originally there had been little government interest.

Each 31 square meter home is prefabricated and has a sustainable solar energy design. They are sited to allow constant internal temperature throughout the year. Veranda’s are important add-ons to the homes as recreational spaces. 

24 homes are planned for Bishopsgate in Victoria Park, another 20 homes in Mandurah and 12 more in Albany.

For all sites, land is gifted by the state and charities. Lottery West and other charities including the Bendat Family Foundation, contribute funding to construction. 

Services are provided by charities like StPatricks Community Support Centre in Fremantle. 

Our Rotary club donated funds towards the fit out of each Congdon home. 

Michele, was roundly applauded by those present for her contribution to My Home and our club will follow the progress of the new homes with great interest.

Here is the web link to discover more about My Home.

Author Marcus Harris

Author: Harry Nesbitt

Published: 1 March, 2024


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